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“Simplicity is the key to a good design” The Tin Man has all the necessities in the most basic of outlines.  The bottom contour is a single barrel concave through the mid point of the board to give maximum acceleration when driving off your front foot.  Then that concave splits into a simple double barrel concave; dividing the mid point of the board and ensuring easy rail-to-rail transitions.  The wider nose enables the rider have more planning surface thus easier to catch waves.  The Tin Man is great for all types of conditions with a lower entry and softer rails at the forward half of the board the tighter pintail gives the board a "bite" when the waves gets steeper, holding in on those tight bottom turns and in the pocket snaps!

Comes in:

EPOXY / EPS and Polyester / Polyurethane

Should be ridden 2"-3" shorter than normal performance board.

Single to double barrel off tail.