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Mainland Mexico Can Be Fun, Not Always Heavy...

"Mainland Mex" conjures up images of heaving barrels at Puerto Escondido, "unnamed heavy beach breaks" (aka Pascuales), broken boards, and long hold downs.  But is it really always that heavy?  Not at all!  Take a look at this photo--doesn't it look fun?

La Ticla, MX Surf Photo by Scott Valor

That's because it is.  This is La Ticla, located in the state of Michoacan in Mainland Mexico.  It's a lot like Trestles with nobody out.  This guy is #2 in the water and it's already 8 a.m.!  You and he are staring at a chest-high offshore a-frame which is as fun to surf as it looks.  Here's another:

La Ticla Right Closeup Photo by Scott Valor

La Ticla is easy to find, easy to surf (most of the time), and the water is warm.  Try 82 in December.  No need to be afraid of Mainland Mexico.  It just depends on where you go!  And if you're lucky, you can end up like this guy, because believe me if he can pull in, so can you...

SV La Ticla Veranda wave


Scott Valor is a longtime friend of Spyder Surf and has logged over 2 1/2 years down in Mainland Mex over the last 23 years.  You can see more La Ticla and other fun surf spots at his website, BurningPier.com .

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Hurley Customization Event This Friday @ PCH!

Don't miss out! Knock out some Holiday shopping and get hooked up while you're at it!!

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South Bay Boardriders Comp # 1 Goes Off at Hermosa Pier!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event great! Check out some photos below by Ken Pagliaro.  See you at Event # 2!


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California Freakin' : Dane Zaun Blows Up

Last weeks' string of swells produced quality surf up and down Southern California. From reefs to new sand bars, everyone got their share.  Spyder team rider Dane Zaun was up to the task and his air antics were covered by many. Special thanks to surf photographer Peter Dive for this crisp sequence:

Dane Zaun photo by Peter Dive 1

Dane Zaun photo by Peter Dive 2

Dane Zaun photo by Peter Dive 3


Scott Valor is a longtime friend of Spyder Surf and writes an occasional blog here and there.  Check out more Dane Zaun and others from this last string of swells at BurningPier.com .

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Great White Sharks in Santa Monica Bay? Oh Yeah...

[caption id="attachment_183" align="alignright" width="584"]Great White 4 Coming to a South Bay Surf Spot Near You...[/caption]

So you laugh at the NorCal guys, huh?  "Wouldn't surf up there, too sharky man!"  Well, they're here and have been longer than you have.  No, really.

[caption id="attachment_182" align="alignright" width="300"]Great White Off Manhattan Beach Pier Hey he's only 4-5 feet long. Won't hurt a flea! But a mackerel, prolly..[/caption]

Don't even think about quitting surfing, cuz they aren't out there to eat you.  Fact is, Southern California is a birthing area for great whites, so there are a bunch of juveniles hanging around until they get big enough to migrate north and munch on fat, tasty seals.  Besides, there are enough Orcas out there to keep them in check.  Oh, I mean Killer Whales.  Yeah, they're out here too.

[caption id="attachment_181" align="alignleft" width="300"]Great White 1 Manhattan Beach Pier Friendly juvenile Great White at the Manhattan Beach Pier...[/caption]

Tell your friends all about it and be stoked on your own form of "crowd control."  Maybe you'll get more waves at your home break if you do...


Scott Valor is a longtime friend of Spyder Surf and writes an occasional blog here and there.  When it gets too crowded in the water, he may throw out that Great White Shark blog every once in a while just to keep it real.  Check out more at BurningPier.com .

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Rip Curl 2012 Wetsuits In Stock Now!

Watch the Video, and Shop Rip Curl Wetsuits Here!

Watch the Video, and Shop Rip Curl Wetsuits Here!

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Reef 2012 Holiday Collection

Check out this video from Reef, and shop their gear here!

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Spyder and TOMS Shoes to Screen NORTH SHORE 10/4/12!

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Kelly Slater Makes It 50! Wins Hurley Pro 2012...

Kelly Slater claimed his 50th World Championship Title by beating Parko at in clean Lowers a-frames at the 2012 Hurley Pro.

Enjoy these highlight photos by South Bay local (and Australian transplant) surf photographer Peter Dive:

slater photo by Peter Dive slater#2  photo by Peter Dive slater#3 photo by Peter Dive good morning san onofre photo by Peter Dive


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Try This "Surf" Trip for You & Your Non-Surfing Partner

Sunrise over Laguna Sontecomapan, Veracruz, MX photo by Scott Valor

This is Veracruz on Mexico's eastern coast. Not known for its surf, there ARE waves, but also a lot of other things to explore, especially if you are into the eco-tour thing.  Leave the big city behind and say hello to exploring the wetlands, fishing, SUP, and the occasional wave out front--something for everyone, whether you surf or not.

The food is off the hook and the people are friendly.  You get there by boat only, but you still have Internet, cerveza, great salsa, and fresh fruit.  Time to turn off that Droid or iPhone and go!



Long time Spyder Surf friend Scott Valor is the author of "The Surfer's Guide to Mainland Mexico".  Check out his other surf info and photos on BurningPier.com, Scott's global surf travel blog.

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