Connor Beatty Charging Nor Cal

Seems like only weeks ago that he was a shop wonder-grom. Bright-eyed, eager, best attitude in the world, but always day dreaming about surf. Now he's a college freshman super charger taking on triple overhead bombs at some mysto - not to be named - spot in Nor Cal.

The story goes - he and buddy Angelo Luhrsen charged up north one afternoon with big boards in search of the thundering sets the South Bay (or his new home San Diego) have yet to see this winter. The lineup was pretty well empty, so they suited up, Connor waxed up the 10'3 he borrowed from his Dad and out they went. It was just before dusk and the swell was maxing this place out. In Connors words - "It was the heaviest experience. The current was sweeping down the beach, and there was this jagged finger like reef that every wave on the inside closed out on. I tried to paddle into the first wave of the set but I was late so I air dropped, pearled, went head over heels multiple times and then proceeded to take 10 more waves on the head. Definitely the most humbling and hair raising experience of my life. Ha, ha, ha..."

The next day was still pumping. "I got 7 good ones. Having that big board made getting into the waves a lot easier. It was a really long period swell and there were long lulls between the sets."

Right on Connor! Thanks for still being that super stoked Grom with the best attitude ever! And now thanks for charging and for sharing the photos!


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