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Try This "Surf" Trip for You & Your Non-Surfing Partner

Sunrise over Laguna Sontecomapan, Veracruz, MX photo by Scott Valor

This is Veracruz on Mexico's eastern coast. Not known for its surf, there ARE waves, but also a lot of other things to explore, especially if you are into the eco-tour thing.  Leave the big city behind and say hello to exploring the wetlands, fishing, SUP, and the occasional wave out front--something for everyone, whether you surf or not.

The food is off the hook and the people are friendly.  You get there by boat only, but you still have Internet, cerveza, great salsa, and fresh fruit.  Time to turn off that Droid or iPhone and go!


Long time Spyder Surf friend Scott Valor is the author of "The Surfer's Guide to Mainland Mexico".  Check out his other surf info and photos on, Scott's global surf travel blog.

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