HippyTree: Plant A Seed

We love the Hippy Tree guys. They started their crazy venture to build a conscientious apparel brand right here in Hermosa Beach. We consider ourselves lucky that they shared their visions with us in the very beginning and that we've been able to witness their growth ever since. Look forward to seeing where it goes!

Robby at Our Pier store is a HUGE fan and he penned this post -

Since the beginning, HippyTree has been diligent in trying to do their part and give back to Mother Earth. Hence the slogan, Nature Is Coming... One thing that HippyTree has done is start a series called "Plant A Seed". On select purchases of HippyTree merchandise buyers will receive a tiny bag decorated in Panda's that contains a few sunflower seeds. The guys at HippyTree urge you to take these seeds and plant them somewhere in your garden. If you don't have a garden, plant them in your yard, if you don't have a yard, plant them at your nearest park. The point is to do something "Green" and eco-concious. If you take the time to mature and develop your Sunflower you will get a nice little treat from the folks at the HippyTree compound. Just take a picture with your budded Sunflower and an item of your HippyTree gear and the boys will send you a Free T-Shirt!! Send all submissions to hippytree@gmail.com and join the movement. You may even see your picture on their site!!

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