Nixon: Third Stop Of WTA Event To Take Place In Teahupoo, Tahiti

This year the "Heaviest Wave" segment of the Nixon WTA (Winner-Takes-All) challenge will take place at the Billabong Pro hosted in Teahupoo, Tahiti. Teahupoo is home to what most would consider the heaviest wave in the world and contestants will not only be risking their lives to win this leg of the ASP World Tour, but they will also be competing for a specially designed Magnacon SS Nixon watch. The watch is a custom design for this event pricing at about $10,000 USD and includes 60 rubies and over 20 black diamonds. All participants have a shot at winning this beauty and any wave from the trial heats to the finals is submittable. Heaviest Wave wins...and Winner Takes ALL!! For full coverage of the tour stop; tune into and watch the Live Stream where the worlds best will be charging at Teahupoo from Aug. 20- Aug.31 . To see what waves are already in consideration for the watch CLICK HERE !!

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