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King of the SouthBay Contest POSTPONED!


The contest has been postponed till further notice due to lack of surf.


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The King of the South Bay Contest is upon us! This Saturday May 11th at Manhattan Pier local surfers will duke it out to determine who is truly the King of the South Bay

Entry Deadline: Thursday, May 9th @ 6:00 pm

Enter Online


Surf Series #6 Flyer

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Site Maintenance

Spyder Surf will be conducting site maintenance between 04/01/2013 at 5pm PDT to 04/02/2013 at 5PM. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 877 SPYDER 2 or email us at customerservice@spydersurf.com

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Spyder Surf Fest 6 - The 30 Year Anniversary Celebration


Hard to believe it's been 30 years since Dennis Jarvis opened up the little store on the corner of Artesia and PCH but as they say - "time flies when you're having fun" - and we've been having tons of fun. We're proud of that little store that now occupies that entire property. And we're very grateful for all our loyal customers and for the industry sales reps, sales managers and CEOs that still believe in the value of real surf shops for surfers by surfers. So many have been so supportive and such great partners over the past 30 years. We wouldn't still be here without so many of them.
We'll be celebrating on Saturday April 6th from 12pm to 6pm on the plaza downtown Hermosa Beach in front of our Pier Ave location. We'll have live 5 bands, a DJ, a fashion show, free games, giveaways and more from all the very best of the surf industry. It's sure to be a good time for all.

Tentative schedule looks like this -
11am - Mike Doyle Surfers Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony
12pm - Frozen Sea Rabbits
1pm - Closeouts
2pm - Tomorrow Tulips (Ford Archbold / Alex Knost)
3pm - Fashion Show
4pm - Cash'd Out
5pm - Bixby Dicks

After Party at Watermans officially starts @ 7pm (but we're pretty sure it unofficially will start at 12pm)

Contacts -
Crystal Yang - Make Waves Communications - crystal@makewavescommunications.com
Richard OReilly - richard@spydersurf.com

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Connor Beatty Charging Nor Cal

Seems like only weeks ago that he was a shop wonder-grom. Bright-eyed, eager, best attitude in the world, but always day dreaming about surf. Now he's a college freshman super charger taking on triple overhead bombs at some mysto - not to be named - spot in Nor Cal.

The story goes - he and buddy Angelo Luhrsen charged up north one afternoon with big boards in search of the thundering sets the South Bay (or his new home San Diego) have yet to see this winter. The lineup was pretty well empty, so they suited up, Connor waxed up the 10'3 he borrowed from his Dad and out they went. It was just before dusk and the swell was maxing this place out. In Connors words - "It was the heaviest experience. The current was sweeping down the beach, and there was this jagged finger like reef that every wave on the inside closed out on. I tried to paddle into the first wave of the set but I was late so I air dropped, pearled, went head over heels multiple times and then proceeded to take 10 more waves on the head. Definitely the most humbling and hair raising experience of my life. Ha, ha, ha..."

The next day was still pumping. "I got 7 good ones. Having that big board made getting into the waves a lot easier. It was a really long period swell and there were long lulls between the sets."

Right on Connor! Thanks for still being that super stoked Grom with the best attitude ever! And now thanks for charging and for sharing the photos!


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burn PRESENTS: We Ride - The Story of Snowboarding

As with all great ventures — personal computers, a certain American footwear brand, punk rock music — snowboarding started in a garage. From that point in 1965, the sport has immensely grown in popularity to become a mainstream phenomenon. burn teamed up with Grain Media to produce a documentary on the matter, entitled We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding. The documentary chronicles snowboarding’s relatively short 40-year history — and rapid development — through the lens of 20 influencers that have contributed to making the sport what it is today. We Ride interweaves never-before-seen footage with sequences of culture, music, fashion, rebellion and snowboarding triumph, to tell the sport’s history in a fresh and innovative way. Watch the film here and let us know your thoughts below.

Author: Josh Davis

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Red Bull Ultra Natural

VIDEO: Red Bull Ultra Natural - Best Action
By Redbull.com Team on 21 February 2013 in Snowboarding

All the best action from Travis Rice's signature freeriding event from Baldface Mountain, BC.

Sixteen of the world's best snowboarders converged on the run known as "Scary Cherry" at Baldface Lodge, fighting deteriorating weather as the day went along, but only one rider could take home the top honor at Red Bull Ultra Natural.

In the end, Austria's Gigi Rüf stood on top of the podium after putting together a creative run showcasing his unique style, utilizing a variety of both the natural and man-made features on the mile long course. Switzerland's Nicolas Müller not only took second place but was also presented the Best Trick Award with a gigantic mute air over a tree, sending himself nearly 100-feet down the 45+ degree course.

Rounding out the podium was Southern California's Bryan Fox, a first-timer at Red Bull Ultra Natural and a late addition to the event as a wildcard entry.

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21Days: Parko/Fanning, Episode One

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 12.15.41 AM

21Days: Parko/Fanning, Episode One

By RedBull.com Team on in Surfing

Ep. one of 21Days tells the story of Mick and Joel heading into 2013's first event at Snapper Rocks.

The first world tour event of 2013, the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast, is just about to fire up. And while Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson have been sitting behind the rock at Snapper during their downtime, sharing barrels and riffing stories, come March 3 they'll be donning jerseys and doing battle. Two best friends since childhood, two top 10 world tour surfers. A strange but endearing relationship, that's easily the most engaging element of the coming contest.

"21Days" is the first in a new series from Red Bull, that takes a microscope to relationships like Mick and Joel's. In a similar vein to HBO's 24/7, the series will examine the most compelling pair of surfers heading into certain events throughout the year. Mick and Joel's story, chosen to kick off the series, is jamming both aesthetically (how could it not, the way these two surf), and dramatically (humility! Friendship!). As if you weren't already burning with excitement for Snapper...

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World Class Surf at the Top of the Chain

This spot is easily seen from the road and access is a piece of cake.  It is across a bay from a famous, world class right hand reef .

[caption id="attachment_238" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Big Wave at the Top of the Chain photo by Mike Aronesty for BurningPier.com Bigger than you think. Less crowded than you'd think it should be...[/caption]

Unlike that spot, it might have only 5-10 people out instead of 30-50.  It is heavier than it looks (and bigger).  The wind is not always friendly to it (but this day sure was on).  This spot is called...(haha go find out and surf it for yourself).

[caption id="attachment_239" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Big Surf Top of the Chain by Mike Aronesty for BurningPier.com Known primarily as a left, this day shows you can also go right...[/caption]


Photos by Mike Aronesty.  For more information on this spot and others nearby, check out BurningPier.com .

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Kauai Surf Out of the Ordinary - Knowing "When" to Go is What Matters...

Kauai, the Garden Island, home to surfing gems such as Hanalei Bay, has its share of lesser-known breaks that are equally fun.  We're not talking "secret spots" here.  We're talking about those breaks that are clearly marked on all the tourist road maps.  The problem is not WHERE to go, but knowing WHEN to go.  And that's something you'll have to learn for yourself.  It's well worth the exploration, so go and score!

[caption id="attachment_228" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Kauai 5 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com Looks fun and playful, but the signs are there for a reason. As the Hawaii lifeguards say, "If in doubt, don't go out!"[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_229" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Kauai 1 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com This long stretch of beach is great for hanging out, fishing, four-wheeling, and of course surfing...[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_230" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Kauai 4 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com The ancient lava peaks give this spot a Jurassic Park sort of backdrop[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_231" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Kauai 2 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com Known in the winter for massive peaks, heavy rips, and big currents, you can catch fun days like this if you know the right swell and direction. But this one is still bigger than you think...[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_232" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Kauai 3 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com Check the person at the bottom right for a little scale. That's about an eight-foot face on a fast left hander. Water is 75 and no one is out...[/caption]


Check out more Kauai and other Hawai'ian Island surf shots at BurningPier.com

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