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Thank you for making the 2016 Scare n Tear so good!!!

The Farmer chasing the Pig. Click on photo for more images from the contest.

Micro Zombies (Middle School & Younger)

  1. Flash Gordon (Joey Samuelian)
  2. The Crazy Chicken (Cash Cherry)
  3. Spidergirl (Olivia Lusby)
  4. Grandma (Ryan Roberts)
  5. Hot Dog (Lucas Meyer)
  6. Funky Hippie (Ethan Mibu)


High School Zombies

  1. The Black Swan (Kyra Williams)
  2. Spongebob Mermaid Man (Beck Cherry)
  3. Cat in the Hat (Megan Seth)
  4. Alice in Wonderland (Mckenna Hawkes)
  5. Groovy 70’s Guy (Leo Schlayer)
  6. Disco Dude (Zach Rosenberg)


Crusty Creatures (18 & over)

  1. Elsa from Frozen (Tamara Lentz)
  2. Carl – Old guy from Up (Chris Broman)
  3. 70’s Disco Man (Noah Collins)
  4. Gladiator (Dave Schaefer)
  5. Udderly Perfect Cow (Tom Horton)
  6. Surfing Samurai (Ottz)


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