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Spyder Southbay Boardriders El Rey de South Bay Surfing Championships goes off!

Weather and surf came together to provide for a great day of some serious ripping at the Spyder Rey de South Bay Campeoneto de Surf!

Almost 300 competitors from age 6 to 60 battled it out in windy 2-3' surf on the south side of Manhattan Pier. At the end of the day 6 finalists in the 11 different divisions walked away with huge trophies and insane prize packages from Hurley, Spy, Globe, Nixon, Reef, Creatures of Leisure, & Sun Bum. 

Here's a link to the breakdown of all the winners - https://www.dropbox.com/s/p5ues6gzldh8f87/Spyder%20Contest%20Results.pdf?dl=0


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