March 28, 2014


7th Annual Spyder Surf Fest 2014 presented by Monster Energy Drink Saturday April 5

March 19, 2014
Seventh Annual Spyder Surf Fest 2014 presented by Monster Energy Drink Makes a Splash in Hermosa Beach on April 5
South Bay’s Largest Surf Festival to Honor Surf Industry, Local Businesses and Most influential Names of the Past and Present

Spyder Surf Fest will once again bring together the surf industry’s most prominent brands and surfers to Hermosa Beach on April 5 for a seventh consecutive year. The day will kick off the day with the “Surfers Walk of Fame” induction ceremony at 11:30 a.m. followed by a day of live music, fashion shows, interactive booths, giveaways and new to this year’s Surf Fest line-up - the LA Surf Awards, which will be presented at 3 p.m. at Hermosa Pier Plaza. The Awards will recognize four of the most influential standouts for their accomplishments and contributions to surf history, including Palos Verdespro and “Standout Surfer of the Yearsurfer Alex Gray, legendary surf photographer Mike Balzer, short board and longboard champion Ted Robinson who will be honored with the coveted “California ICON” award and Bob Hurley who will accept Hurley’s achievement for Breakout Brand of the Year.

“Hermosa Beach is a little rural beach community but it is truly ground zero of surf culture,” said Dennis Jarvis, founder, Spyder Surf Shops. “The South Bay breeds some of the most accomplished surfers and talent the industry has ever known, and it only makes sense to honor and unite those who have played an integral role at Surf Fest. We celebrate and honor the legends of the past and present and intend to continue working with the most influential action sport companies for many years to come.”

The City of Hermosa Beach will commemorate the surf heritage of the South Bay with the induction of two legendary South Bay surfers, John McFarlane and Sparky Hudson to Hermosa Pier’s acclaimed "Surfers Walk of Fame." The newest additions of bronze plaques will become permanent fixtures alongside fellow greats Greg Noll, Dewey Weber, Hap Jacobs, Dale Velzy and many others.

Following the induction ceremony until approximately 7 p.m., Pier Plaza will feature industry booths and musical acts, including 70's Amateur World Champion Mark Levy's band "THE BIXBY DICKS," Fallen Riviera, HOIST the COLORS as well as local favorites Kevin Sousa and Sand Section.

Participating brands of the seventh annual Spyder Surf Fest include presenting sponsor Monster Energy, Sanuk, SUN BUM, Hurley, Billabong, Quiksilver, Volcom, Electric, Rip Curl, Roxy, Toms and many more.

After 7 p.m., festivities will continue into the evening at the official Surf Fest Post Party at Watermans. VIP wristbands will be issued during the day at the restaurant for express entry and food and beverage discounts.

For more information about Spyder Surf Fest 2014 or how to get involved, go to


Media Contact:

Crystal Yang
Make Waves Communications


March 21, 2014


Spyder Surf Fest #7 Saturday April 5th 2014 - Pier Plaza Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach - arguably where the surf industry really started! And once again the epicenter for all the best of the surfing world on Saturday April 5th as Pier Plaza becomes Spyder Surf Fest 7 presented by Monster Energy.

5 bands, Fashion show, Autograph Signings, Free Games and Giveaways, Live DJ, and for the first time the LA Surf Awards! It all happens from 12pm to 6pm downtown Hermosa Beach right in front of the Spyder Surf Pier Ave. store.

Check back here for a detailed schedule of bands and other events - or sign up for our email list (bottom of the front page of the website), follow us on instagram or facebook!

December 17, 2013


Spyder SnowFest 2013 Went Off!



The rain delayed the snow by a few hours but once things got going, it was good times for all. 


And your Snowboard exhibition best trick winner...

Huge thank you to Monster, Bud Light, Hurley, the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce, all of the downtown businesses and all of our vendors / partners for the support. The community appreciates it as much as we do - and it wouldn't be possible without everybody coming together to make it happen.

Until 2014!



November 04, 2013



Spyder Snow Fest 3 Descends Down Hermosa Beach’s Pier Ave on December 7

Family-friendly snow festival welcomes pros snowboarders, music and 60 tons of manmade snow to “Mount Hermosa”
The third annual Spyder Snow Fest presented by Spyder Surfboards, powered by Monster Energy and Mountain High Resort will descend upon Downtown Hermosa Beach on December 7, where 60 tons of manmade snow will transform Pier Avenue into a Winter Wonderland. The free, family-friendly affair will kick off of the 2013-2014 Snow Season and unite the community and top snow industry brands alike beginning at 12:30 p.m.-3 p.m where kids under 15 will be treated to a one-of-a-kind sledding experience supported by Peace Tea. From 4 p.m.-6:30 p.m., Mountain High pro snowboards will show off their skills in snowboarding demos and exhibitions on “Mount Hermosa,” the stretch between Manhattan Avenue and Hermosa Avenue.

“We are ecstatic about bringing our friends in the industry together for the third annual Spyder Snow Fest and are so thankful for the tremendous support that we’ve received from partners like Mountain High, Monster Energy Drink, industry and beyond to put on this unique event,” said Dennis Jarvis, founder, Spyder Surf Shops. “We also want to thank the City of Hermosa Beach who has had our backs and helped make our dream of bringing the mountains to the beach a reality.”
Using a new Steeper and bigger snow-covered scaffolding that reaches over 27 feet and an assortment of snowboard rails and fun boxes from Mountain High Mountain, the snow will be shaped and sculpted into a snowboard terrain park for pro and amateur riders to compete for the Best Trick award. Celebrity judges will include be emceeing the event. Mountain High pro snowboarders Cory Cronk, Trever Haas and Kyle Lopiccolo will be among the pros who will take center stage in the snowboard demo and exhibitions.
Spyder Snow Fest 3 partners include Monster Energy, Mountain High Resort, Peace Tea and many others who will offer free giveaways, interactive product demos and activities in vendor village such as Burton, Quiksilver, Hurley, Electric, Globe, Sector Nine, Matix, DVS, Oakley, Volcom, Billabong, Arbor, Spy Roxy, Soul, Skull Candy, Mophie and more. Spyder would also like to thank the City of Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beach Fire Department and Watermans Hermosa Beach for their support for the last three years. Following the events of the day, Watermans will also host the official post-Spyder Snow Fest party.
Additional details for the event will be posted on and Spyder Surfboards Facebook page.
About Spyder Surfboards
Since 1983, SPYDER surfboards has enjoyed nearly 30 years of success in their hometown of Hermosa Beach. What Dennis Jarvis started as a single 850 sq. ft. retail store/surfboard factory on the corner of PCH and Artesia has grown to a 7,000 sq. ft. surf, skate and snow mecca. In 1997, Spyder Surf added a second 7,000 sq ft. location packed full of the best surfing fashions available at downtown Hermosa Beach’s Pier. To date, some of the very best surfers in the world, from recent World Champions to pioneering legends have ridden or continue to ride Spyder Surfboards.
Media Contact:
Crystal Yang
October 29, 2013

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Here's a sneak peek at some forthcoming gear from our SPYDERSURFxMURKLURKS collection.. Look out for it!


In the meantime read more about our guest designer in the October Issue of BEACH Magazine.


September 24, 2013



The King of the SouthBay Surf Championship has been rescheduled for this Saturday September 28th... See you there!

August 26, 2013


Spyder Skate Team Tryouts this Saturday August 31st @ 11:00AM


All skill levels invited!
Get on the skate team August 31, 2013
At Spyder Surf, 2461 PCH, Hermosa Beach

See what tryout time to show up for below.

There are various sub-teams based on skill level. To join a sub-team, all you need to do is try out and land the required tricks for that sub-team (seen below). Earn badges and points by completing tricks and learning new skateboard repair skills. See where you rank and compare with others on leaderboards. Finally, there is a place for you to have fun on a skate team. A Longboard Team is also available.

Waivers will be available at the date of the event. We will be happy to email a waiver requiring a notary signature, if your parent or guardian cannot attend the event.

How The Open Skate Team Works:
Simply practice the tricks for one sub-team. On the day of the event, a judge will watch you complete all the tricks for the sub-team you are trying out for. Once completed, you will be placed on the sub-team.

If you think you won't be able to complete all the tricks for the sub-team you are trying out for, because of how difficult they are, you can bring in video footage of yourself to show a judge.

Below are the street skating tricks you'll need to practice before the try out date.

Team White*: Ollie, Slalom 10 Cones, Manual 8 Feet, Ride Up Curb
Team Yellow: Kickflip, Heelflip, Frontside & Backside 180, FS 50-50 Grind,
Team Orange: Varial Kickflip, BS & FS 50-50 Grind, FS & BS 50-50 180 Out
Team Green: FS & BS Flip, FS Nose Slide, FS & BS 5.0, 5.0 Shuv-it Out
Team Blue: 360 Flip, Crooked Grind, Blind Flip, FS Nose Slide
Team Purple: FS & BS Heelflip, Switch Flip, Hard Flip, BS Tail Slide 180 Out
Team Red: Kickflip BS Tail, Switch Varial Heel, Fakie Hardflip, Switch Crooked Grind
Team Black: Reserved for elite skaters. Must be nominated.

BS= Backside, FS= Frontside, Slalom= in & out (not downhill)
BS & FS= Must complete both frontside and backside. Not one or the other.
Riding Up Curb= While riding, you must lift the front of the board up onto a sidewalk, and then lift the back of the board up onto the sidewalk.

Longboarders/Downhillers- Please bring your best video footage, or show us your Youtube/Vimeo video during the event. Come prepared to do some tricks too.  We will still have sub-teams for you guys.  You can check with us next week to see what the sub-teams are for longboards/downhill.

Tryout Times:
The event starts at 11:AM. Due to the limited space at our PCH location, we encourage people to show up at the correct time for the sub-team they are trying out for. You can still try out at the event if you miss your tryout time. We'll squeeze you in somewhere.

Team White: 11:am
Team Yellow: 12:pm
Team Orange: 1:pm
Teams Green & Blue: 2:pm
Teams Purple & Red: 3:pm

*Can't Make Team White?
If you don't have the skills to make it on Team White , or think you won't complete all the tricks, DON'T WORRY, you can still be part of the Spyder Skate Team. While you are practicing the tricks for Team White, you'll be on the Grom Team.

Can't Make It To The Event?
If you are unable to attend the event, you can submit your video footage to Spyder on PCH at a later date. You can bring your video footage into Spyder on PCH, or post your footage to the Spyder Facebook page. When posting your video footage on Facebook, be sure to title your post, "New Member Try Out", and say what team you are trying out for. A staff member or team captain will add you to the correct sub-team shortly after.

After The Event:
After the try out date on August 31st, there will be other future events, called clinics, where you can earn more points and badges by learning hands-on repair and maintenance skills, and information about equipment.

Hands-on skills include (but are not limited to):
• Removing grip tape
• Applying grip tape
• Custom grip tape jobs
• Removing bearings from wheels
• Making a bearing cleaning kit
• Cleaning bearings
• Rethreading a truck axle
• Replacing bushings
• Remove a broken kingpin bolt
• Fixing a chipped deck
• Fixing razor tail

We will also have additional product clinics, where you can learn more about the differences between products, and know which ones work better than others.

Points, Badges, and Leaderboards:
Every time you complete a trick, learn a new skateboard repair skill, and attend a product clinic you will earn badges and points. Compare and compete against other team members and sub-teams by how many badges and points you earn. You will be able to view all the stats and rankings on leaderboards. Your stats and leaderboards are viewed online.

Trick Badges= 100 points
Hands-on Badges= 25 points
Product Knowledge Badge= 25 points

How You Earn Badges and Points:
After the August 31st event, when you land new tricks for the next sub-team, you can bring in your video footage to Spyder on PCH, or post your footage to the Spyder Surf Facebook page. When posting your video footage on Facebook, be sure to title your post using the sub-team name you are on and the trick you landed. For example: If you are on Team White, your post would be titled, "Team White, Kickflip". Your team captain will see it and notify a Spyder staff member who will award you your points and badge.

Team Captains:
Volunteer to be a team captain. As a Team Captain, your task is to monitor the sub-team you look after. You must check the Spyder Facebook page and make notes of your team members who have completed tricks. After making your notes, you hand them to a Spyder staff member, who will add the necessary badges and points for that team member. At the event, notify a staff member who can check to see if a team captain position is open for you.

Food and drink to be determined.
Be aware that parking is very limited. You may find plenty parking across the street.

For more info visit or call Spyder @ (310) 374-8276. A waiver must be signed to participate.